Biking 101 For Kids

Everything You Need To Know To Get Your Kids Started On Biking

It takes a biker to teach a newbie biker. You can't teach anyone to learn how to ride a bike just by simply showing a manual or by reading books on how to ride one. A child will never learn how to balance unless he sees an actual bike, ride on it and start pedaling. The idea that abstractions must be illustrated physically before they can be fully understood: learning about how to ride a bicycle is accelerated if your child can see and touch a real one. That’s the first thing a parent needs to hurdle to get a child started on biking. Most kids first experience in learning to ride a bike usually starts with their playmate's bike.

The first consideration you'll need before getting a new bike for your kid is to make sure your child can step over the top of the tires with both of his feet planted on the ground. Remember that the ideal bike size for your child is based on the size of the wheels, not the body or frame of the bike. Now before you start huffing and puffing as you teach your child, here are some guidelines you might consider when choosing the proper bike for your child.

Know the different types of bicycles suitable for your child

How to choose the right safety gears to protect your child from injuries

In the case of children, body protection is even more important since they have less balance and are less experienced than you on a bike. It’s best to purchase a child’s helmet, as even when not required by law, it is strongly recommended to protect the child’s head should they fall. You can also equip your child with elbow and knee pads if you wish to protect these sensitive areas or if they need the confidence provided by these additional protective items.

Here are some tips that can help you and your child and prevent accidents while out on a bike.

  • Perform a Quick Bike Safety Check

  • Wear a Helmet

  • Use Bike Paths and Lanes

  • Ride With the Flow of Traffic

  • Ride Predictably and Signal Turns

  • Avoid Busy Streets

  • Stay visible

A cool and safe way to jazz up your kids' bike for added visibility

Standard bike lights are only visible from the front and back, leaving your child vulnerable from the sides while biking. Now you can improve the safety of you and your loved ones with this latest bike gadget that’s trending in California these days. Activ Lites allow you to be seen from all angles while pedaling and at rest. You can actually switch from the “constant on” light setting to the “flashing” mode if you want even more attention while biking. Gaining increased visibility from all directions will give you ultimate bike safety in low light conditions when you’re more at risk of not being seen.

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