Let Kids Be Kids: Why Children Need To Be Active

Ever wondered why your children keep running and tumbling around, whether at home or at a playground or practically any place where they could move around? Children naturally have tons of energy, and being physically active is completely normal.

However, adults admittedly tend to get too uptight about this and end up stopping kids from being, well, kids. This could be for a variety of reasons: because we don’t want them to sweat too much and look unkempt, or they might get hurt and start crying out loud, and many more.

Just like adults, kids get the same health benefits from living active lifestyles. Specifically during their preschool years, they get to know what they like to do and what they’re good at, and continuously learn and discover new things on a daily basis. So don’t stop your children from moving around, and instead try the tips below to encourage them how to be active and fit.

Start your children to be active early

Children who have frequent physical activities during their preschool years are more likely to stay active as they grow up as adults. One of the first activity you can teach your kids is how to throw, catch, kick and chase a small light inflatable ball. They’ll be comfortable playing slow-pitch, football or Frisbee later on.

There are some who don’t have strong physical literacy in their teen or adult years because they weren’t as active in their preschool or school age years. Active preschoolers are also different than active adults or older children, as they are very spontaneous. Whichever the case is, teaching kids very early on in life about the benefits of staying fit, healthy, and active will influence their lifestyles as they grow.

Establish a love for sports and its values

If you want your kids to be future champions, engage them into sports and be supportive of it. It’s a good idea for them to do a bunch of different activities to help develop many skills. For example, teach your child how to kick or throw a ball, to swim, and how to ride a bike.

Be your kids’ personal trainer, encourage and motivate them. Be a role model to your kids and try to play sports with them. Instead of focusing too much on the competitive nature of some sports, always make sure to give them positive feedback and instill sportsmanship, camaraderie, and playing fair.

Parents, remain patient, cheer for your children, have fun watching them and more importantly play together.

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