Fun Fitness Activities That Kids and Their Parents Can Do Together

Are you a looking for some fun fitness activities both you and your kids would enjoy? Are you a mom who is struggling to stay physically active because your little ones are always with you?

A research project conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics with over 500 parents showed that the less physically active they are, the more likely it is for her children to become sedentary. Specifically with their mothers, the direct correlation in physical activity levels comes from how maternal influence can easily motivate a child to be more active.

Yes, there are many kiddie clubs and babysitters who can help your children stay physically active, all while you exercise by yourself, or work, or go about your daily tasks. However, engaging in fun fitness activities as a family is way more beneficial. Children are said to be happier, healthier, and more focused when they are motivated by family to stay in shape. It is a bonding activity that helps establish closeness and trust.

So how do you start living a more active lifestyle with your kids? Here are some easy, beginner-level fitness activities for kids and parents to do together. These are guaranteed to be so much fun that your children won't even notice they're working out.

1. Jog with your kids

Jogging with your kids can be a perfect workout for beginners! Children are natural runners, who can be as young as three yet go on long ways without stopping . Some families even join marathon events together, usually the ones with fun themes that the little ones would be fascinated with.

In order to avoid jogging injuries though, make sure to get the right running shoes for everyone. For those who have more than one kid, it is best to invest in a jogging stroller to keep the smaller ones safer. Also remember to stay hydrated by bringing lots of water.

2. Go on bike rides

Learning how to bike, especially if taught by their parents, will always be among everyone’s the

fondest childhood memories. Find an open and safe space, maybe a 1-2 miles straight and smooth road, a park or a schoolyard near your place. Talk to your kids while in motion to make sure your pacing are both synchronized.

Note that teaching a child how to bike won’t be easy, so be patient and encouraging. Try hugging, give a light pat, and laugh together. These could build up affinity and boost a child’s confidence so that they will keep trying until they can bike by themselves!

3. Play catch using kids frisbees or beach balls.

These type of workout can either be done on a pool or at the beach. Playing along the beach, running and jumping creates a lot of fun. The physical benefits are doubled if played in the water.

Be intentional with body contact and communicate with your kids with animation and by shouting out loud. These improves rapport and nurtures communication even on tough situations.

Try out these fun fitness activities with your kids! The more often you do these, the more your kids would likely play with you and be motivated to live more active lifestyles as they grow up.

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