Discraft Vs. Activ Flyer

The Discraft and Activ Flyer are flying discs with different designs. Discraft is a solid, plate-like disc while the Activ Flyer is shaped like a ring, hollow in the middle. Both are super fun to play with but let’s see what their differences and similarities are.


Discraft is the second leading manufacturer of discs used for the game “Disc Golf” and “Ultimate.”

Disc Golf is played using rules similar to golf. Discs are thrown towards a target with chains and basket, the goal is to land the disc on the basket. Ultimate, on the other hand, is similar with football, with the goal being to pass and catch the disc in the opponent’s end zone.

Many professional disc players use this disc.

Activ Flyer:

Activ Flyers are designed to be most suitable for throw-and-catch disc game. They can be used by little children without difficulty or with little effort. They are the best with outdoor parties or family gatherings.

With its ring design, it can be caught using the head, forearm and foot through the middle.

For comparison purposes, let’s look at the pros and cons of Discraft and Activ Flyer.

Size and weight:

Discraft weights 175 grams and measures 11 X 11 X 1.4 inches. It’s weight is considered the conventional weight for frisbees.

Activ Flyer weights 33 grams and measures 10.5 X 10.3 X 0.9 inches. It’s 80% lighter than the regular discs thus it is easier to the hands when you catch it and it doesn’t hurt much when you get hit by it during a game.

Flight distance:

Discraft can travel up to 400 feet and considered mid-range for discs.

Activ Flyer, on the other hand, is perfect for 15-30 feet and can fly up to 80 feet on call days or indoors. Because of its lightweight design, the wind can affect its flight so it is not recommended to use them on windy days. This distance is very suitable for children and beginners who don’t want to spend most of their time retrieving the disc during the game.

Float in Water:

Both Discraft and Activ Flyer float on water so they are best for pool parties, beach and lake outings.


Both Discraft and Activ Flyers are known to fly straight and accurate.

Materials used/Made of:

Discraft discs are made from different kinds of plastic, with each plastic having a unique characteristic that affects the flight, stability, flexibility and grip. Example is the ESP plastic which is very durable and very grippy.

Activ Flyer is made with polypropylene, which is standard plastic and fully recyclable. It is also lead and BPA free!

Not sure if Discraft or Activ Flyer is the right for you? Make sure to read the reviews of each product here:

Discraft - http://amzn.to/2vfkptl

Activ Flyer - http://amzn.to/2vTuOcV

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