Aerobie Vs. Activ Flyer

Both the Aerobie and Activ Flyer are flying discs with similar ring design. Because of this design, they are easier to catch than your regular frisbee and can be caught in a variety of ways.


It was introduced to the world in 1970 and since then holds the Guiness Book of Records as the “longest throw of an object without any velocity-aiding feature”. Aerobie was made as an attempt to improve the flying disc and with that regard, the inventor was successful.

Activ Flyer:

The current design of Activ Flyer came out last 2015. It is similar to the Aerobie in many ways but it weighs less and easier to throw and catch.

For comparison purposes, let’s look at the pros and cons of Aerobie and Activ Flyer.

Size and weight:

Aerobie weights 110 grams and measures 15 X 11 X 1 inches. It’s 33% lighter than conventional discs.

Activ Flyer weights 33 grams and measures 10.5 X 10.3 X 0.9 inches. It’s 80% lighter than the regular discs thus it is easier to the hands when you catch it and it doesn’t hurt much when you get hit by it during a game.

Flight distance:

Aerobie flies further than the regular frisbees. It’s perfect for long-distance throwing and have the record of flying an incredible 1,333 feet! Is is easier to lose because of this.

Activ Flyer, on the other hand, is perfect for 15-30 feet and can fly up to 80 feet on call days or indoors. Because of its lightweight design, the wind can affect its flight so it is not recommended to use them on windy days. This distance is very suitable for children and beginners who don’t want to spend most of their time retrieving the disc during the game.

Catch and Throw:

Aerobie and Activ Flyers can be caught in more ways than your regular frisbees. They can be caught using the forearm, the head or even a foot through the middle.

Because of their ring design, they can be grasp easier than the solid discs thus easier to throw. Activ Flyer, weighting less than Aerobie, is easier to throw by kids and elderly.

Float in Water:

Aerobie does not float in water while Activ Flyer does. That’s why Activ Flyer is perfect for pools, lake and beach games as it is easier to retrieve when it falls on the water.


Both Aerobie and Activ Flyers are known to fly straight and accurate.

Materials used/Made of:

Aerobie is made with a polycarbonate core with soft rubber bumpers molded onto the inner and outer rims.

Activ Flyer is made with polypropylene, which is standard plastic and fully recyclable. It is also lead and BPA free!

Not sure if Aerobie or Activ Flyer is the right for you? Make sure to read the reviews of each product here:

Aerobie -

Activ Flyer -

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