The Best Frisbee For Kids

Frisbee is one of the best outdoor games and most fun to play with the family. It combines a lot of fun elements and it is very good form of exercise.

Added benefits of playing frisbees are improvement of hand-eye coordination of the kids, getting them off electronics and giving them the much needed exercise.

But playing frisbee with kids poses some problems. These are:

- Hurts the fingers when catching and hurts when you get hit.

- Hard to hold and catch.

- Flies too far that it takes too long to retrieve it.

Playing with regular frisbee discs can also be daunting for little kids. Instead of catching, they will instinctively avoid the frisbee for the fear of being hurt. And with their little hands, the weight and the surface can be a little too hard to grasp and maintain grip.

Having a frisbee disc that is lightweight, flies straight and easy to catch and throw is the solution for these!

Activ Flyers Kid’s Frisbee Ring is the answer to these!

Activ Flyers weight only 33 grams, 80% lighter compared to popular discs of 175 grams, which means safer and more comfortable catches. Jamming and hurting children’s fingers will not be an issue anymore.

With its design of having a hole in the middle, catching and holding it with one hand is not a problem. It can even be caught using a wrist or a foot!

And the bonus feature is that they float on water! So playing in the beach, lake or pool is much easier. No hassle on retrieving it or for it being lost underwater.

Regular frisbee discs were designed to fly far, especially when they are used for competitions. Activ Flyers are designed to fly to a distance of 15-30 feet or more, perfect for kids and even adults who don’t want to spend most of the game time chasing after a failed catch.

Let’s admit it, kids can be discouraged if they have to retrieve the disc so far away from them. The trick is to make it easy for them, giving them more fun time catching and throwing them and less time running around picking them up from the floor.

With these characteristics, Activ Flyer is the best frisbee for kids! Get yours now at

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